Thursday, May 22, 2008's Been a Long Time

  • Good grief!! I can't believe it has been 7 months since I last posted! Seven months!! So much has happened in the last seven months, here's the list:

    Broke out with Shingles
    Requested help on my job - DENIED
  • Quit the job - HA HA HA!
    Got a new job - HELL YEAH!
    Love the Job - I'm so happy you hired me!
    Planned to attend a ski trip in Breckinridge, CO - Freaked out on the weather
    Backed out of the ski trip - because buying the gear was costing more than the air fare and Ski Chalet rental, plus I found this REALLY cute ski outfit..wasn't prepared to drop the Benjamins -- I mean, really?
    Spent the ski weekend in San Diego - HELLA fun!
    Got to see the top of a palm tree from the base of the palm tree -- yep way too many Bloody Mary's and Patrone Tequila Shots -- it wasn't my fault the guy dropped me...
    Dine About Town in January is awesome found some really good restaurants who are on my favorite list.
    Loved my winter hair - I did not tighten as much allowed the new growth to shine through in ALL it's glory!
    Hair grew too much during winter - tightening myself became a chore
    Spring and first paycheck from new job - Went to consultant and she tightened me up real good, had to cancel the 6-8 week appointment - no hair growth. I think my scalp is in shock!
    Paid off a loan - YIPPIE!
    Assisted in consuming a $200 dollar bottle of wine - Don't trip, once you go "high-end" it's hard to scale back -- thinking stimulation money from the government might just purchase one botle of the wine...

    So overall things have been good!

    Hair is doing great. It is changing. Wearing sponge curlers and soft spikes have tested my patience. I've now moved onto twists swirled into a bantu knot. I like this look and it is working for now. I'm sure over time my hair will crave the curlers and soft spikes. One day when I figure out how to upload from Photobucket I will post pictures. The pictures are sitting there doing nothing - waiting for me to upload to my

    I've taken up Spring kntting it's an intermediate class. Love it! I'm making a pirate beenie hat - it's so cool! It's so Lexxus! I shall post when I finish and after I figure out how to upload.

    I'm off to beautiful Santa Barbara for the holiday! I LOVE that part of California. It is truly California in the "warm sun/beach/bikes/tanning/laid back kind of way... actually all of Southern California is that way. Northern California - Bay Area Specific is very cosmopolitan - 'nuff said. So, I hope to take in beach and sun and return to the Bay Area a few shades darker. I'm taking my So. Cal English translation book...every word has the reflection of a question? (See I'm writing the same way they

    Example: Hello? OMG this chair is for my friend?
    My answers: Uh..Hi OMG your friend isn't here and seeing as though you don't know...I'm sitting my arse in the chair!

    That's it,

    Lexus Prefect