Monday, October 29, 2007

You Go Super Employee!

I have to give a BIG shout out to a person who raised his shield and sword and fought the machine!

I have never experienced someone fighting a lay-off! Most people will take their pink slips, severance and call it a day...not today NOT Monday (10/29/07)-- not the Super Employee I know of...he fought the machine today.

Granted in the end... the lay-off notice was signed, but NOT until after he was heard!

I wish I was a fly on the other end of the line...

  • I'm wondering if any backtracking, Elmer Fudd stuttering was going on.?
  • Was the ear-well of the phone moist with perspiration due to nervousness or sheer shock?
  • Was their a constant tapping of a pencil against the desk pad? Or was the knee banging aganst the desk?
  • Were eyes rolling thinking: "this person has the audacity to question me about a lay-off?"
  • When the call ended did the person on the other end exclaim: "WTF?"
Big-UPS to you Super Employee!

Things I have never seen nor experienced has been reduced by one.

Lexus Prefect

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tightening and the Hoop La Ha, Aya, Helga and myself took the retightening class back in September. It was a beautiful day in California, I cleaned my apartment, hid all of my papers behind the sofa under the rug AND prepared a nice lunch for the students and the instructor. I EVEN went out and purchased Pelligrino (love this carbonated water) to serve as a delightful accompaniment to my roasted whole chicken which was to be used with the mixed salad greens (with a nice selection of herb seasonings tossed in) to create a wonderful roasted chicken mixed green salad! I'm not EVEN going to mention the salad dressing...I'm getting hungry just thinking about it...
I love my hair and sisterlocks but I really LOVE my savings account...after paying for the class, paying for the Tightening Kit (you receive hair products plus the 2 tools) I felt as if I was being forced into purchasing something I did not need; a necessity to a business to push product. I would've preferred the tools only and NOT the hair products. I don't like stock-piling hair products in my bathroom they take up too much space. I have products I use for my hair and love them to death...
Anyway, the classs went very well. It was fun and engaging. The entire writing down notes is crazy. Why can't I have an instruction booklet that tells me how to tighten my hair? This same instruction booklet should show how to start a new lock if you happen to take down a lock because the lock got tighten into another lock. I'd be damned if I'm going to cut my hair...I've taken the locks down to perserve the 10 strands that inadvertantly tightened into the lock next, under or on top of it. Note to future tighteners: Be careful when tightening, locking two locks together aint no joke! Continuing with my comment: It seems to me that within the amount of money that has been allocated and paid one should receive MORE (I mean information) for their investment.
It took me two weeks to tighten my entire head. Mind you I was working a little at a time. I would tighten a few rows in the morning before work. Tighten a few rows in the evening during a boring show, tighten a few rows before going out with friends...etc. I did allocate an entire day (Sunday it was) to finishing tightening my hair! That was a hair-raising experience...
I lost the goofy clip tool to my sofa! Let me comment on this ergonomically challenged tool: STUPID-RIDICULOUS TOOL!! I don't understand why a tool has to be so small, have a hook that is open and catches on hair while going pulling through the rotations, the spring mechanism is hard to open (which causes the skin on the index finger to peel back - ok that's dramatic - but writing: "ya finger gets sore" is so bland). The tip is sharp which hurts the scalp and the weight of the tool - too light! This is suppose to be the "popular" tool for tightening one's needs re-tooling...I have a list of suggestions:
  1. The spring mechanism should open and close easily.
  2. The hook should close into the spring mechanism to prevent snagging on hairs while working through the rotation
  3. The tips should be dull and rounded
  4. More weight should be added to the tool so it feels like a tool versus styrofoam used for packing a box for mailing. (this is my comparison of the weight)
  5. More user friendly I was frustrated with the tool...

Clip Tool and the Sofa...

So, when I lost my clip tool to the sofa...I panicked. I couldn't find that goofy tool for nothing! Then it occurred to me...I have a metal needle I use for yarn sewing! I pulled out the needle it was a nice metal weight. When it would fall from my hand, I could hear it hit the floor....YES! I threaded my lock through the needle and worked my rotations...IT WAS WONDERFUL! The yarn needle has a dull rounded tip, the eye of the needle was long/wide enough to thread my locks and I didn't experience any snagging of hairs while working through the rotations! Plus, I realized this needle costs me WAY less to purchase if I happen to lose it to the sofa. There were two negatives: (1) Needle could be shorter (I should stop by Michaels and see if the needle comes in a shorter length) (2) REALLY need to be careful to prevent catching other locks into the needle. Same as the Sisterlock Tool - this is just the cautionary standard.

Sisterlocks or Needle Locks?

I have SISTERLOCKS...will always have SISTERLOCKS! The tools "recommended" by Sisterlocks may not become my "tools of choice" because of reasons stated above. Damn it - I spent my SISTERLOCKS money and aint no one EVER, never EVER gonna tell me what I don't have!

Do I like tightening my own hair?

It takes some time but I like the freedom...I guess. I can control how tight (rotations) I use per lock and I can tighten at anytime. I'm one of those lock clients who prefer tightening every eight weeks. I enjoy the new growth look...I feel rasta :::lol:::

I'm still annoyed about the "kit" cost and "What you Get for the Money!"

I JUST wanted the tools...sigh...It seems I've said this before -oh, well!

Lexus Prefect

Friday, September 21, 2007

11 Months of Sisterlocks

It's been 11 months of sisterlocks!

The well of my right eye has started to irritate me...I couldn't understand occurred to me that my lock on the right side of my face likes to land in my right eye well and just hang out there! Who knew I would be faced with such a problem??

Other Problems:
Itchy Neck and Shoulders - Yep the hair is trying to nibble on my neck! Sometimes it feels as if something is crawling on me and I'm constantly trying to get "it"'s sorta like that feeling you have ants crawling all over you and you can't see them because they blend into your skin color but you feel them moving on your skin! It's the most annoying feeling when it's actually ants - but hair? Who knew?
Shoulders - I'm constantly thinking a string is hanging from my hair/earrings and brushing against my shoulders - wrong I have a lock or two that wants to try out stretching yoga moves and see if they could touch my shoulders - Who Knew?

I cut a few ends off last week. I noticed a split end on one of the straight hair ends...since this hair isn't going to lock...the split end had to go. So while I was snipping away at the split end, I decided to trim down some other straight ends so I can get to my natural curly hair ends and they can lock accordingly.

I have realized this process is going to take a while. It's ironic how my hair is getting straighter over the years I hope I don't lose all my kinks - I LOVE THEM!!

Next weekend I am taking the tightening class - I guess it's time, but I rather enjoy having my hair done by my consultant, maybe I'll tighten all areas in the front top and sides and let her tighten the back of my head...then I won't miss out on her TIVO movie/program selections, her occassional Costco Cherry Pie and the great conversations.

I had read a book and the author was discussing the comforts that a black women finds sitting between the knees of another black woman. This comfort of being between other women knees came out of slavery...which today is translated in getting our hair done. It is comforting to sit between someone and have them "work" in your head. It's a place where you can bring your frustrations, anger, happiness - get advise and just feel you belong to something that is truly culturally yours and can't be crossed-over into mainstream society.

Little girls learns this from sitting between the knees of their Mothers...crying when the tangles were painful, falling asleep on Mom's knees when the combing, braiding was taking way too long...I was this way as a kid and my seven year old niece is the same way today...who knew?

11 Months and all is good on the locked front.

Lexxus Prefect

Dining Alone

Sometimes a Diva has to travel alone. Waiting for female and/or male friends to get their passports in order, tickets purchased, hotels reserved and spending money in order takes too much time and you always end up with someone opting out due to lack of funds and poor planning.

I recently visited Seattle, WA. I was there on a business trip and decided to extend a day to become a tourist for a 24-hour period. I had a wonderful day (more about that under a separate post) I decided I would top off my day by going out to dinner at an interesting restaurant myself and co-workers found the evening before.

After my whirlwind sight seeing tour, I returned to my hotel to freshen up and change for my dinner out. I decided I wanted to look casual yet chic...
  • casual = pair of straight jeans
  • chic=button down blouse buttons cleverly left undone,
  • high-heeled open toe sandals and of course my new Nordstrom Rack Rafe handbag and coordinating wallet!
I walked to the restaurant from my hotel, walked straight up to the host/hostess and requested a table. The hostess advised that she would not have a table available until 11:30pm...uh...huh...she did however, suggest that I could sit in the lounge area they serve the restaurant menu there. No problem I said, and ventured into the lounge to find a seat in a strategic spot - preferrably near the bar so I could watch the NY Yankees/Boston Red Sox baseball luck - bar seating was I planted myself at a high table towards the front of the bar/lounge and towards the front of the restaurant. I believe the host (male) took note of me and the next thing I knew, he had brought a waiter to "wait" on me...I felt so important and a bit embarrassed! The waiter and myself discussed wine pairings with a particular fish entree I was going to order. I placed my wine, salad, entree order and sat back to watch the game and relax from that "everyone is looking at me sitting here alone - feeling." There was 2 couples (friends) sharing the table with me and I would occassionally listen in on their conversation...
It took quite a while for my wine to make its way to my table. I noticed the bartender was taking his little sweet time in pouring my wine and overall completing drink orders for the restaurant. It must have been 15 minutes - before the waiter appeared with my wine glass and an entire bottle of wine which he was going to top-off my portion (possibly because I had the last pour). Before the waiter poured the wine into the glass I told him he should return the wine because either cork or something else was floating on top of the wine in the glass...he returned with another glass of wine...this time someones lipstick was encased around the rim...I sent the glass back - 3rd time my wine order was correct. The guy that was part of the group next to me was marveling over the restaurant...blah...blah...blah...was the conversation. He was quite surprised that my wine order wasn't correct. He assured me that this type of service NEVER occurs at the restaurant.
While sipping my wine and waiting for my salad - a gentleman entered the restaurant and inquired with my about the NY Yankees/Boston Red Sox Baseball game. I gave him the score and we started chatting. During the conversation, I learned he was dining alone and I invited him to sit and dine with me. Ladies, this is one of the PERKS of eating out alone...there are OTHER men who eat alone also....LOL BTW: Knowledge of sports is always good!
My entree arrived -- to the food delivery person I advised "you will need to return this entree to the kitchen, I would like a fresh entree prepared I do not want this dish returned after sitting on a hot plate...I ordered a salad and I prefer to consume before the entree. The waiter returned to the table to inquire the problem...I told him they brought out my entree before my salad...blah, blah, the same time, I advised my waiter, I now have a dinner companion and he would like to order wine and food, to which the waiter obliged accordingly. (I sound so proper - tee hee)
Salad appeared at my table...I ordered a mixed green salad with goat cheese, and seasoned pecans w/a vinegrette dressing...Hmmm...salad tasted boring! It occurred to me that I had received the bottom of the bag of pecans! Every pecan but one was totally crushed and looked like crumbs upon my salad! I called the waiter over again, and commented on the salad and advised I'm not going to pay for this salad. The waiter was cool and said "of course" he tried to explain the crumbed pecan thing to me...but he's talking to an experienced food eater and that explanation was totally bogus! Never does the chef totally crush pecans after seasoning and throw the crushed pecans on the salad! How can one taste the so-called seasonings if the item to be seasoned is crushed to bits??? The couple next to me just couldn't believe this fiasco was happening.. the guy asked: "Are you a food critic? It's apparent they must think you are, you have them unnerved!" I gave that raised eyebrow look thinking to myself "He's polite to state that I must have unnerved these people because "he and they" think because I'm a minority I don't know food?" I told him, "if they feel I'm a food critic I've just begun to return food and I'll certainly give them something to become unnerved about!"
My dinner companion was laughing at this scenario! When he received his meal the gravy looked as if it was baked onto the smashed potatoes and the meatloaf a bit overdone - he didn't complain to the waiter but he did tell me. He was very hungry and when you're that hungry YOU just want to eat!
Entree arrived -- I'm sure everyone was holding their breath regarding my reaction to my actual meal...I tasted - thank God it was good!! The fish was so fresh and tasty, it nearly melted in my mouth. I was asked how's the entree - to which I replied: "YUMMY!" Finally, something decent to eat in this restaurant that was created by a chef rockstar, and whose dinner reservations in the dining room was not available until 11:30 pm! The couple next to me were happy to see that I was enjoying my entree and the guy who recommended to his friends apologized for the service and my displeasure. Internally I was amused. I had nothing but time for these people to get my order right and serve me something that was truly worthy of the expensive decor!
Afterwards - Dinner companion and myself took a stroll around downtown Seattle. Seattle is such a great walking town!
It was nice to meet someone in Seattle who lives in the Bay Area...we are planning an actual date...or should say "A fun night out"
Notes to Self:
There is always a silver lining to everything...look for the positive spend less time on the negative and beauty compliments are always good!
BTW: Sisterlocks were gorgeous!!
Lexxus Prefect

Monday, August 27, 2007

Gathering of the Sistas with Dem Sistalocs!

Yep, so the ladies of the Bay Area with 'dem Sistalocs met in Old Sacramento at Joe's Crabshack.
I'll let the other ladies make comments about the gathering...I want to talk about the food I ordered!

I ordered a cup of New England Clam Chowder to start - Yummy! The Clam Chowder got up
and walked out of my cup...I remember dishing out a spoonful - maybe I had one of those big pot spoons...I just know the Clam Chowder didn't last long...(hmm.. that's an old phrase!)

My entre' was called Joe's Steam Pot, it comprised of: Crab Legs, Shrimp, Andouille Sausage, Corn on the Cob and New Red Potatoes...steamed together in a net, tossed on a circular plate trough, secret Emeril seasonings "BAMMED" on top of the food. (BTW: Comment to Emeril is to add flava to the story...I don't know if the seasoning was really Emeril...but the seasoning was finga-licking good not KFC but more lip-smacking, Zataran type of seasonings!)

I was very hungry and the food was so good! I started off with the knife and fork (proper eating etiquette) after using the crab cracker and that goofy small fork on one of the crab legs, I had to trade up to cracking the crab legs with my teeth, using my fingers to fish out the crab, used the fork to slice the red potatoes, ate the potatoes with my fingers, corn on the cob - str8 finger food. Shrimp: had to peel with the fingers and nails, sausage was consumed like the corn - str8 finger food - bite and release uneaten sausage to the plate! I was up to my elbows in crab, crab leg shells, empty cob of corn, shrimp casing/shell. No crab leg or claw was untouched... Gotta a little upset b'cuz the body of the crab was missing in the plate trough. You think I've never had crab before the way I was consuming that entre!

The atmosphere in the place made you feel so comfortable that you could consume food as if you were at home, in your favorite "eating" clothes in your favorite chair in front of your television set, licking your fingers and making all those "eating" sounds YOU are not suppose to make when you eat in public...then again, I was VERY hungry and when you are hungry EVERYthing taste good and all food must be consumed as unlady-like as possible!

Oh, yeah...the Sistalocks looked good during this eating crab in 'da locs!


Saturday, August 25, 2007


Lexus Prefect! I love that name. It's derived from the movie: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
So...I had my sisterlocks installed October 2006! I've had chemical free hair for over 10 years. It's pretty much took that much time to wean myself from braids and hairweaves. I thought it was time I took my natural hair in hand...literally in hand, and do something with it besides hiding under OPH!
Perm Horror - I have a war wound from a perm incident. I've given myself a purple heart. My hairdresser at the time left the chemical in my hair too long...specifically on one side of my head. To this day, I've been left with a bald spot - my people have left the village and are not coming back -- maybe, I could entice new people with redevelopment? I also asked the hairdresser to clip my ends. I had worn a weave-a-diva style for a while and I knew my ends needed cutting...she would not cut my hair because it was "so long"...can you believe it -- a hairdresser who refused to cut/trim your hair??? Go-figure! I kicked this woman to the curb shortly thereafter, I was tired of the late appointments, waiting all day to get my hair done, the smoking (not just cigarettes), brothas selling wears stolen from department stores -- there was a nice set of queen size sheets that rolled through the shop one Saturday...I digress.
The horrors of being in your 20's - so glad that phase in life is over! I started 2-strand twisting of my hair. Learned how to do it myself after my natural hair stylist had an asthma attack and was out of commission for 3-weeks! I also go annoyed with the spaces she left at the top of my head. I preferred smaller twist at the top and most times my natural stylist was not hearing me. Therefore, I took the matter in my own hands (literally -- again) and started twisting myself the way I wanted them done. I walked into the shop one day to show off my's hard getting love at a hair shop! I mean positive reinforcement that you have the process down and YES your hair is tight and YES I see how you wanted the twists put in at the top of your head! I guess since I was rolling up all in her shop showing off my work and trying to make a statement...I guess, one wouldn't give up any LOVE to a sista! LOL
I loved twist-outs - that's the: "It's time to wash my hair, hence let me wear my hair out for a week before washing." My favorite twist-out opportunnities were when I would go in for my washing, hair all out and wild and those permie chicks would ask my stylist "I want my hair like that!" and she would say: "Can't do it, your hair needs to be natural - no chemicals!" I LOVED it! Then the goofy industry (probably motivated by permies) manufactured kinky hair you could braid or weave in...sigh -- microwave society is annoying!
My next favorite natural style was: Straw sets! My stylist and myself perfected the process! I loved this style for the ringlet type of curls the set would leave behind. I didn't like the brown gel it was quite drying to my hair but AVEDA Brilliant Retexturizing Gel worked wonders. Not drying and no brown gel flakes...white
Last favorite style: Press N Curl - I would wear this style approximately twice a year. It was a look that I could show-off the length of my hair. I noticed how I was looked at differently when my hair was "straight" men, specifically, would render their: "did I ask for your opinion" opinion wishing I would keep my hair response was swift, sharp, unrelenting. I even had props...a bucket of water would hang over my head with a rope attached so the water would revert the pressed straight hair to wonderfully kinky hair! Oh, the drama, tears and wailing -- the bucket of water torture would get them everytime - never seen men come so unglued (lol).
While my hair was growing from a "major perm cut-out, leave me alone, I can't stand you anymore - whacked CHEMICALS"...I went to Vegas with a male friend...I didn't expect nor planned for rainy weather -- we all know press n curl does not work in the rain...we got caught in a downpour and my hair SHRUNK - all the way back...I mean back to slavery...I didn't have a scarf or hat to cover my hair. I was so unexperienced at managing my natural hair. Needless, to say the weekend was a bust, my attitude was horrible. When my bff picked us up (hella late)from the airport...there was so much tension in the car you could cut it with a knife, served to 12 people with seconds! natural hair stylist advised the following: "the longer your hair gets the less shrinkage from water... you need to be patient." She was right, years after that experience the hair shrinkage from water/moisture was less due to longer length. Hmmm....a hat/beret always had room in my handbag...just in
Sisterlocks - I followed my consultant's advise and did the "right" things to my hair before my installation. I had my natural hair stylist cut the ends - we had a yearly ritual of cutting 1-2 inches, trims every 6-weeks...I made sure my hair was shaped into my signature bob, color tight and attitude ready. I've been researching Sisterlocks for 5 years prior to getting them done. I had planned to lock my hair at a significant b-day - one of my friends stated "why wait?" Had my consultation, made an appointment and the rest is history. Two 12-hour days of watching movies, talking and laughing. I found out my consultant is a crafter like myself! My hair is starting to look more like locks, but I do have straight ends from the press n curl I would wear occassionally...I'm looking forward to trimming those ends back at the one year mark.

And that is an introduction of Sisterlocks and me...