Monday, October 29, 2007

You Go Super Employee!

I have to give a BIG shout out to a person who raised his shield and sword and fought the machine!

I have never experienced someone fighting a lay-off! Most people will take their pink slips, severance and call it a day...not today NOT Monday (10/29/07)-- not the Super Employee I know of...he fought the machine today.

Granted in the end... the lay-off notice was signed, but NOT until after he was heard!

I wish I was a fly on the other end of the line...

  • I'm wondering if any backtracking, Elmer Fudd stuttering was going on.?
  • Was the ear-well of the phone moist with perspiration due to nervousness or sheer shock?
  • Was their a constant tapping of a pencil against the desk pad? Or was the knee banging aganst the desk?
  • Were eyes rolling thinking: "this person has the audacity to question me about a lay-off?"
  • When the call ended did the person on the other end exclaim: "WTF?"
Big-UPS to you Super Employee!

Things I have never seen nor experienced has been reduced by one.

Lexus Prefect

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