Friday, September 21, 2007

11 Months of Sisterlocks

It's been 11 months of sisterlocks!

The well of my right eye has started to irritate me...I couldn't understand occurred to me that my lock on the right side of my face likes to land in my right eye well and just hang out there! Who knew I would be faced with such a problem??

Other Problems:
Itchy Neck and Shoulders - Yep the hair is trying to nibble on my neck! Sometimes it feels as if something is crawling on me and I'm constantly trying to get "it"'s sorta like that feeling you have ants crawling all over you and you can't see them because they blend into your skin color but you feel them moving on your skin! It's the most annoying feeling when it's actually ants - but hair? Who knew?
Shoulders - I'm constantly thinking a string is hanging from my hair/earrings and brushing against my shoulders - wrong I have a lock or two that wants to try out stretching yoga moves and see if they could touch my shoulders - Who Knew?

I cut a few ends off last week. I noticed a split end on one of the straight hair ends...since this hair isn't going to lock...the split end had to go. So while I was snipping away at the split end, I decided to trim down some other straight ends so I can get to my natural curly hair ends and they can lock accordingly.

I have realized this process is going to take a while. It's ironic how my hair is getting straighter over the years I hope I don't lose all my kinks - I LOVE THEM!!

Next weekend I am taking the tightening class - I guess it's time, but I rather enjoy having my hair done by my consultant, maybe I'll tighten all areas in the front top and sides and let her tighten the back of my head...then I won't miss out on her TIVO movie/program selections, her occassional Costco Cherry Pie and the great conversations.

I had read a book and the author was discussing the comforts that a black women finds sitting between the knees of another black woman. This comfort of being between other women knees came out of slavery...which today is translated in getting our hair done. It is comforting to sit between someone and have them "work" in your head. It's a place where you can bring your frustrations, anger, happiness - get advise and just feel you belong to something that is truly culturally yours and can't be crossed-over into mainstream society.

Little girls learns this from sitting between the knees of their Mothers...crying when the tangles were painful, falling asleep on Mom's knees when the combing, braiding was taking way too long...I was this way as a kid and my seven year old niece is the same way today...who knew?

11 Months and all is good on the locked front.

Lexxus Prefect


Aya said...

Hey Sis, your humor never ceases to amaze me. It's hard to read without chuckling. Gosd, you're almost a year, how quick that went. Girl, you must post some pictures of those beautiful locks you have.

Anonymous said...

I'm good at responding to posts late these days but in a couple weeks you'll be 1 year locked. Make sure you post pics..

I too have my hair going into my eyes, especially on my left side. It's gotten to a point where I prefer glasses b/c they act like a shield..LOL!!! I don't ever recall my hair touching my eyes or brushing the mid to bottom of my neck... My hair is growing..Thank goodness for Sisterlocks!!!!!

Lexus Prefect said...

I'm totally laughing at your "late response comment" As you can tell I'm responding late myself! Yes, I will post pictures. The pictures are sitting in my camera...waiting for me...