Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cleaning Out the Cobwebs

Goodness, I've been away so long I need to perform some cleaning on this blog: removing cobwebs, dust the furniture, open the windows and air out the place and burn a wonderful vanilla candle to get a warm baking scent up in here!

Life has been busy since the last post...God only knows when that was! This year I've been to the Inauguration, Skiing in Colorado, Miami South Beach, Freeport Bahamas and have plans for another destination -- where? Haven't decided but I'm going somewhere.

The hair? OMG!! This stuff is growing, changing by leaps and bounds! I decided to take over the tightening of my hair during the summer. I had a nasty flu earlier this year and had to take medication. Everytime I take medication my hair at the top of my head changes. Plus, I think I was getting my hair tightened too often and too tight in my sensitive areas. So the summer tightening by moi was to experiment with tightening less often and not so close to the scalp. It's working, my sensitive spots are recovering and doing nicely. I'm trying to tighten on a 3-month schedule......not working! My hair is growing so much, I have to tighten passively every 8-weeks.

I've gotten my hair colored this summer and new products were recommended. It's funny eventhough I have sisterlocks, the "needs" of my hair haven't changed. It is still proned to dryness, it still needs moisture and occassional conditioner when I wash. The normal cravings when I used to wear 2-strand twists with the exception: Conditioner EVERY time I washed. The (3) new products I use are put into my hair when I wash and (1) time during the 2-3 week wash cycle. My natural hair beautician, who put in my color, and made the recommendation. She wears palm rolled locks and she has quite a few locked customers. The (3) products I'm using are:
  • Pro-Line Comb-Thru Softner
  • Sulfur8 Loc Twist & Braid Oil
  • Lottabody
I use a quarter size amount of the Pro-Line product it truly helps to lock in moisture. I like using this product when my hair is wet from washing. Sulfer8 Oil, I love this product. I tend to put on my hair and scalp after washing also and will use in between washings on my scalp and in areas where I'm dry. I've mxed this oil with water in spray bottle with a little Lottabody works nicely when I'm freestyling. I like the oil and water mixture when I'm wearing my hair curly. I'll spray on my scalp to freshen up my hair when it's needed. Not often maybe once a week.

I've forgotten how much hair LOVES humidity! Especially my hair and skin! While in the Bahamas my hair was at its' peak in moisture and manageability. Granted wearing curls wasn't an option but freestyling was awesome! Normally, when I freestyle, where I live, my hair looks a bit shoddy. My curlie ends tends to straighten and my uneven ends are quite noticeable. NOT in the humidity! Curlie ends were TIGHTLY curled, hair looks even...I was HOT...I mean really hot and sweaty but the hair looked GOOD!! Saltwater, sand and rain were all met without fear, actually I was craving those elements just to see what this hair would do. Heck, I just can't imagine wearing my hair any other way....but then again, I did see a really NICE natural hair style and if I knew what I knew now back when I went natural the look I seen I definitely would try. It was fabulous! A beautiful bobbed cut with natural curls to boot!

Here's an updated picture. The curls are from my wash and set last week. Since my hair has gotten longer and the hair is now turning to locks...drying takes longer, curling takes longer so, I tend to opt for a weekend wash/curl marathon and during the next two-three weeks I've got lasting curls. I use the softspike curlers - they are comfortable to sleep in and my color combination: Green and Pink is so cute who needs a "do-rag?"

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Anonymous said...

I know this post is coming more than a year later but I just had to let you know your locs are rockin!!!!!

Hope to see another loc update and awesome post soon.