Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lockin' Away

I was out with one of my BFF's this evening and she commented on my hair. She wanted to know was my hair twisted. I told her..."no, these are sisterlocks and I'm coming up on three years on lockdown!"

She replies: "REALLY??!!"

I'm like: "Yeah, gurl! I've been lockin' right underneath your nose for close to three years and you didn't EVEN notice!!"

It was High-Larry-Us! We both fell out laughing!

When I locked down almost (3) years ago, I knew no one would notice. The install looked very similiar to the 2-strand twists I my sisterlocks install and subsequent wearing was a non-event...until lately! DAng, I'm noticing the changes AnD so are OtheR pEopLe!

I now have that wash and go hair like Lisa on Real Housewives of Atlanta!! (That's what I told my BFF - REally CrAcked Up on ThaT CoMmEnT!!)

Don't Hate...Relate!!! LMAO!!!

Lexus Prefect has left the blogosphere...

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blackrussian said...

That IS funny! That it should take SO long for people to notice. I think my hair is about the same length as yours. And to me that isn't long. In fact, my locked hair is JUST reaching the length my straightened hair was when I started my SLs. But I am finding that people assume I have twist extensions.

They ask questions like who did it and where did I buy my hair?